03 Sep
Response on Excerpt from "My Children! My Africa!"

We read a few pages in class today, and were asked to make a Mood Board to show our visual responses.


[unique images: see the link]

Whispering vs. Shouting - Mr. M believes in education and words, while Thami believes in violent, quick acts

Shattered window with a sun - Good lighting.  Symbolizes the broken present, but there is expected to be a bright future (freedom)

Two people in wet red robes - everything is wet, draping and tangled up.

Newspeak - Mr. M mentioned how language is going to shape thoughts.

The red flag in Les Mis - Good lighting.  The youth have strong impulse but not well thought-out.  The red flag is vibrant and symbolizes things like anger and revolution.  It is warning how they are very emotional but do not know the consequences.

Flame - on fire.  Minds are on fire.  The argument is on fire.


[Unique image: Chess Board]

Conflicts - Black & White, Male & Female, Teacher & Student...

Violence and Unrest - the root of the conflicts in this play and the thing that connects people's emotions

Race and Equality - Imperialism.  Colonialism in Africa.  Representation of black people.

Death - the death of Mr. M is the climax of the play.  Controversy: is it self-defense to kill Mr. M or is it murder?  Makes the audience to raise questions.

Freedom - Should you kill for the best for the majority?

Teacher - everyone is a teacher.


[Unique images: fire, skulls, the balance, and hands]

Victims - No matter who is right or wrong, there are always people being hurt.

Racial issues

Power - the black people are powerless, even when they are protesting or taking actions.  They are controlled by a group of more powerful people.

Privilege - Isabelle, as a white girl, is privileged in this play because she does not actually experience discrimination.


Apartheid, Distortion, Shadow, Pursue of Freedom, Suffering


[Unique images: lava entering the sea, wrinkled eyes with wisdom]

Thami is the lava, and Mr. M is the sea - their encountering and their conflicts.

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