HIGHLIGHTED ENTRY: Crucial Ideas on Acting (7/16)
  •  2018-8-13 06:00 PM

These ideas changed my mind as an actor and as a person! I value these principles deep in my heart, and I am so grateful that I got to know them at this early point of my life, because they will guide me through my future path in acting.

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12 Words from This Summer | Saying Goodbye
  •  2018-8-11 06:00 PM

It's been a life-changing summer. I mean it. A fabulous life-changing summer.

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Laban Efforts
  •  2018-8-8 11:43 PM

This is a way to record physicality introduced in movement class.

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Mock Audition Feedback | Week 5
  •  2018-8-8 11:35 PM

I had a mock audition with Eric on Tuesday night and I got feedback on my monologue from him this morning.

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Rehearsal Update: Monologues | Week 4
  •  2018-8-3 06:00 PM

In Aud/Mono class with Joe this week, we were divided into small groups to work with Joe, Nicole and Josephine, and then present our monologues in front of the class today before next week's mock audition.

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  •  2018-7-28 06:00 PM

Kai (Stage Combat) and Erin (Improv) talked to us about high status and low status of characters, and how it plays an essential role in their relationships.

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Rehearsal Update: Monologues | Week 3
  •  2018-7-27 12:34 AM

In Aud/Mono class with Joe this week, we finalized what monologue we are going to do, and started to work on them.

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Half Way Check Point | Week 3
  •  2018-7-25 09:39 PM

By the noon of today, we are officially half way through the program!

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> Week 2 & Week 3 Schedule
  •  2018-7-22 06:00 PM

50+hrs per week:) Valuable intensive training.

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On-Camera Audition Workshop | Week 2
  •  2018-7-21 06:00 PM

Carl, from CP Casting in Boston, gave us a very helpful and eye-opening master class on on-camera acting and on auditioning in general.

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Franklin Warm-up
  •  2018-7-20 10:15 PM

A different way of physical warm-up introduced by Tyler to us in Movement Class.

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Rehearsal Update: Shakespeare's Sonnet | Week 2
  •  2018-7-17 11:17 PM

I was the first one to work with Jen on my Sonnet, and I really enjoyed the process of bringing out the "uncensored side" of me.

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