20 Jul

In the first two weeks, Tyler taught us Franklin warm-up, a way of warm-up that stimulates nerves and muscles through tapping and other forces.  In sports games, we often see swimmers patting themselves all over their bodies before going into water.  That is Franklin warm-up.

The routine:

  1. Relax, breathe, notice
  2. Head:  crown - temples - forehead - cheekbones - jaw [drag down] - neck [squeeze the sponge]
  3. Arms:  shoulder - armpit - [thumb hook, back fingers] - tricep/bicep - forearm - hand - wrist - [drag everything down]
  4. Torso:  collarbone - fascia - chest - rib [paint the rainbow] - stomach - back - ["Duncan"] - butt
  5. Legs:  thigh (front, side, back, inside) - knees (back, side) - calves (back, side, front, inside)
  6. Feet:  [spiral] - [ankle roll] - [fingers in] - [slap]
  7. 1 minute for a full body scan and add in any more stretch that you want.
  8. Come back to standing position and notice
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