25 Jul

[Because of my tiredness, this is going to be a freely written short reflection.]

Overall, I am in huge amount of joy and excitement because I get to learn so much about everything.  I am constantly absorbing every words from teachers and peers, and also reflecting on my feelings and learnings.

Physically I have been sort of tired, a bit more tired than I was during regular school days because we do a lot of things with our bodies here.  Still it is quite manageable.  I do have bruises on my leg from some movements and they hurt.  I have some tension around my neck and my shoulders.

Throughout the two and a half weeks, I have developed much more awareness in my spine and breath, which helps me to relax and maintain a healthy body posture.  I also realized how yawning and "shaking it off" can help to loose my body, both for acting and for daily life.

Mentally I have been active all the time, thinking and learning.  I feel I am definitely not having enough time to do all the things I want - for example, write for my journal and for Pioneer Research Program.  The latter has been an enormous stone over my heart for over one week, making my mind drift away in class.  I then realized that I should not put myself under such pressure, and it is absolutely un-beneficial to think about my paper in acting classes, so I have tried to let these thoughts float away and tell myself that everything will be fine.

I am very very very grateful toward my teachers and peers.  I LOVE Lindsay and Erin.  After we've done an exercise, they always give superb comments that are both accurate and hilarious.  I love the other instructors as well - Tyler is really kind and encouraging, Joe is filled with subtle emotions when he meets fabulous monologues.  I also love how Nicole and Josephine, the TAs, are always with us and are not authoritative figures most of the time, but rather our friends and companions.

Just to name several things that impacted me the most -

Active listening; Eye contact; Courage; Impulse; Rising the stake.

I feel like I am peeling off the layers of self protection I have built throughout the process of growing up and recognizing my hidden emotions.  Theatre is the right place to let myself be a baby again - be honest and vulnerable and not seek control all the time - and that is something I had realized before this program and something I am always trying to embrace.  The classes I am taking have been shaping me into a more sensitive, expressive and truthful person.  I am very happy to see that.

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