14 Jul

First of all, for general information, we have 14 students in the 2018 Emerson Pre-College Acting Program.  We have 7 instructors for Movement, Voice, Scene Study, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Monologue/Audition, and Improv.  We also have 2 TAs, who take classes with us (and are really beautiful).

We have an intensive schedule.  We have six hours of class each day, plus 3-4 night sessions - sometimes including one excursion - per week.

Mon 7/9
Tue 7/10
Wed 7/11
Thur 7/12
Fri  7/13
Sat 7/14
Master Class:
Alexander Technique
Stage Combat
Stage Combat
Scene Study
Scene Study
Scene Study

Voice Intensive
TA Lab

Field Trip:
"Moulin Rouge"


"It's striking how people are so similar in this class," said one of my classmates.

For the long introduction on Monday morning, we were given the following things to talk about:

  • Name, age, grade this fall, hometown
  • Acting experience (if any)
  • The reason of wanting to be an actor (if so)
  • Strength and weakness
  • The things we want to take away from the program

It turns out that many of us started really young, at the age around seven or eight.  And we may want to pursue an acting career for a variety of reasons, which sound different but are actually similar.

I said that the feeling of being on stage is magical, that we can only truly experience that right on stage.  We cannot anticipate it beforehand, nor can we recall all of the memory afterwards (losing some part of the memory suggests I have deeply connected with the character).  So I want to be an actor to relive this experience and this feeling again and again.

Another reason is quite applicable to everyone, which is that we find ourselves not being as passionate in any other things as in theatre.  We feel it is the thing for us.

Somebody also said that acting brings emotional outlet and enables us to live lives that we would never be able to experience in real life.

Somebody else said that life needs a purpose, and being a actor and giving back to the world using the power of theatre is their purpose.  I think this is really powerful and true.

For strength and weakness, there are also many things in common.

Some mentioned they are versatile in different genres, such as dramatic, comedic and musical theatre, and others said they need to work more on versatility.

Some mentioned they always need others' approval and thus are not confident enough about themselves.

Some mentioned their self awareness is a double-sided sword, which can make them work more closely with their bodies but also make them too focused on their own performance.

We all want to improve ourselves as actors and meet like-minded peers from places different from we live in.  During the introduction, I came up with the realization and joy that I would be working with such a group of equally passionate and ambitious companions.  I wish that our big dreams do not fade away as we move forward and grow up, that we do not give in to the "shitted world" (quoting the instructors) so easily, because there is great power in being determined, so determined that we can confront any challenges or obstacles.

Here, writing at the beginning of this program, I wish that this experience will not only provide us a bubble where everybody feels comfortable doing anything and expressing our true selves; moreover, it will help us to build the self-confidence and resilience to proceed as actors with the skills and experiences we will gain.

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