08 Aug

As mentioned last week for Q&A, Eric Weiss is the person overseeing the admission for performing arts at Emerson College.  He is a really really nice person.  He mock auditioned me last night and gave me some very helpful feedback today.


1. It's hard to act in one's second language and I mastered the language pretty well.

2. I have this empathetic energy that I bring into the audition room.  So this monologue choice created a slight contrast and showed another dimension of me.

3. He liked the subtleties and tenderness in my acting.  Many teenage actors tend to overact, but I do not have this tendency.


1. Make where the shifts and my realizations happen more specific.

2. Make my need of the monologue more specific.

3. Go further and make bolder choices, since this is the emotional peak of the whole play, so I really need to hit the top.

4. Consider other monologues that are not at such peak of a play, because it is difficult to reach this point in a minute and a half.

MARTHA (talking to KAREN):

We aren't like that.  We don't love each other.  (Suddenly stops, crosses to fireplace, stands looking abstractedly at Karen.  Speaks casually.)  We've been close to each other, of course.  I've loved you like a friend, the way thousands of women feel about other women.

There’s nothing wrong about that.  It's perfectly natural that I should be fond of you, that I should… love you.

But maybe I love you that way.  The way they said I loved you.  I don't know.  There’s always been something wrong.  Always – as long as I can remember.  But I never knew until all this happened.

I've been telling myself that I’m guilty since the night we heard the child say it.  I’ve been praying I could convince myself otherwise.  I can’t, I can’t any longer.  It’s there.  I don't know how, I don't know why.  But I did love you.  I do love you.  I resented your marriage; maybe because I wanted you – I’ve never loved a man – (Stops.)

(As though she were talking to herself)  It's funny.  It's all mixed up.  There's something in you, and you don’t know it and you don't do anything about it.  Suddenly a little girl gets bored and lies, and there you are, seeing it for the first time.  (Closes her eyes)  I don’t know.  It all seems to come back to me.  In some way I've ruined your life.  I've ruined my own.  I didn’t even know.  (Smiles)  There’s a big difference between us now, Karen.  I feel all dirty and – I can’t stay with you anymore, darling.

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