"Interiors" at Shanghai Grand Theatre

25 Oct
  • The feeling of stalking
  • Beginning – the character switches the lights on, the theatre goes dark – fading into the play, make the audience immerse in the play
  • Last scene – Pete eating pudding while thinking about his wife
  • Ensemble based
    • Really good coordination, well-rehearsed
  • Tone
    • happiness + sorrow
    • false sense of security (guns for outside)
    • slow paced plot
  • Movement
    • Drawing the audience’s attention when many people are on stage
    • Showing their backs to the audience – justified
    • Stillness + fast-paced actions at the same time
  • The narrator
    • Spooky atmosphere
    • Disturbing fact about deaths
    • Outsider, one of those who have passed away; the Moon
    • Pointing out people’s inner thoughts – funny yet quite revealing
  • Use of technology and sets
    • Light – subtle changes
    • Music – shifts with the play, corresponding lyrics
    • One plate for Pete’s dead wife – affection
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